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What We Do

Storytelling Strategies

We’ll work with you to clarify your ideas, synthesize your message, translate jargon, and find an engaging writing voice. We’ll support you in speaking authentically while telling your company’s story. Includes:

  • Content strategies
  • Copywriting
  • SEO writing
  • Social media
Research and Longform

Our advanced degrees mean we have doctoral-level expertise in research and analysis. Combine that with years of industry experience and the result is clear, engaging writing that moves readers to action. Includes:

  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
Workshops and Coaching

Our classes and coaching sessions help writers get started, finish or generally get unstuck with their writing. As coaches, we will be there as a source of support that helps you transition into “writer mode.” Includes:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Small group workshops
  • Online classes
  • Retreats (coming soon!)

Why Work With Us

Dismantle Writing Services was founded by Sara Tatyana Bernstein and Elise Chatelain.

They met while earning their PhDs in cultural studies at UC Davis. This experience trained them to be rigorous critical thinkers who know how to translate complex ideas into engaging stories for a wide audience — skills they honed teaching college classes, and continued as freelance writers and as editors and co-founders of Dismantle Magazine

In addition, Elise is a trained sociologist, while Sara’s earlier academic background included literary and fashion studies. Sara also has experience in nonprofit communications and digital marketing, while Elise has worked in public relations. You can learn more about Sara and Elise here.

Everything they do is motivated by two things:

  1. Their love of words. They believe that words have power — they make worlds. 
  2. Their love of collaboration. They created Dismantle Magazine so they could continue collaborating after graduate school. They would love to collaborate with you, too!

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